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Historical Issues
May 1972 -
December 1973

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Back issues - 2012

Volume 39 Issue 12, December 2012
Laila Zenil and Diane Schoen at Mid Ohio
Photo by Tom Isley
Pictures, Dinner meeting at Rosie's, by Jeanne Krauser
Pictures, Dinner meeting at Steve's Dakota Grill, by Jeanne Krauser

Volume 39 Issue 11, November 2012
911 and 356 at the Zoo
Photo by Tom Isley
MVR 40th Anniversary report and photos
RSR Annual Color Tour; story and pictures by Sally and Stewart Free

Volume 39 Issue 10, October 2012
Ready for the Drive
Photo by Abigail Lloyd of A.Lloyd Photography
Porsches to MIS; story and pictures by Deb and Pete MacDonald
Ottawa Hills Fall Festival and Car show by Chris Heidenreich

Volume 39 Issue 9, September 2012
The African Lodge at the Toledo Zoo
Photo by Tom Isley
Party at the Mack's by Shellie Mack

Volume 39 Issue 8, August 2012
The lineup of cars at P2O in Granville, Ohio
Photo by Pete MacDonald
Porsches to Ohio (P2O); story and pictures by Pete MacDonald

Volume 39 Issue 7, July 2012
A 1997 993 on display at the Parade Concours
Photo by Tom Isley
Report from Utah Porsche Parade by Michael Soriano

Volume 39 Issue 6, June 2012
Kathy and Marc Woodward in their 1972 914 on the tour to Mon Ami
Photo by Tom Isley
Driving Tour to Mon Ami Winery by Tom Isley
MVR Fundraiser at the Lederman's by Rick Lederman

Volume 39 Issue 5, May 2012
Car at the R & A Engineering Tour
Photo by Deb Isley
Photos from visit to R & A Engineering, Manchester, MI
Photos from Mid-Ohio DE

Volume 39 Issue 4, April 2012
F. A. Porsche and the car he designed
Photo by Porsche AG
Ferdinand Alexander Porsche dies. Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG mourns great designer
by Porsche AG
2012 IRAC NOR/Autocross Schedule
The Car Port tech session, with photo

Volume 39 Issue 3, March 2012
2003 tour to Saugatuck, MI, led by Steve Hill
Photo by Tom Isley
Initials in Porsche's Corporate Names by Pepper Girl at
Early History of MVR

Volume 39 Issue 2, February 2012
356 from a 1985 MVR event
Photo by Unknown
Rolex 24 hours of Daytona by Jim Schoen
Early History of MVR
The New Boxster (981) by PCNA

Volume 39 Issue 1, January 2012
1955 356A at the Hellenic Motor Museum
Photo by Tom Isley
Hellenic Motor Museum
Web Site Location Information for All Models of Porsches by Ken Koop
Chip Holst: A Man with Drive, reprinted from DTE Energy Quest News

Back issues - 2013

Volume 40 Issue 12, December 2013
Outgoing Social Chairs, Lisa Soriano and Jeanne Krauser
Photo by Chris Krauser
The Podium by Diane Schoen (incoming MVR president)
Holiday Party Photos by Jeanne Krauser
Maumee Valley Region Annual Awards, presented by Jeff Vollmar

Volume 40 Issue 11, November 2013
1989 Porsche Panamericana Concept Car
Photo by Tom Isley
Porsche by Design by Deb and Tom Isley
Book: Porsche 911: 50 years by Randy Leffingwell, Motorbooks

Volume 40 Issue 10, October 2013
The Bellman's 911 at the Pierce Stocking Covered Bridge
Photo by Judy Bellman
Rush With Someone to See "Rush" by Dick Badler
Pictures of the Gobba's '59 356 coupe

Volume 40 Issue 9, September 2013
Waiting to depart for Mon Ami
Photo by Stewart Free
Mon Ami Tour & Brunch; by Deb and Tom Isley
Magnus Walker STR II Sells for Nearly Twice the Original Estimate by Pepper Girl at
I am Porsche of Ann Arbor by Porsche of Ann Arbor

Volume 40 Issue 8, August 2013
Sculpture at the Granville Inn reception
Photo by Dan Dessner
P2O Report by Pete MacDonald; photos by Dan Dessner and Tom Isley
Parade Musings by Roger Holliday

Volume 40 Issue 7, July 2013
Driving through the Tunnel of Trees, Harbor Springs, MI
Photo by Tom Isley
The innovations by Dr. Ing. F. Porsche AG
Photos from Parade by Tom Isley, Deb Isley, Roger Holliday

Volume 40 Issue 6, June 2013
Porsche Design Show at Optical Arts
Photo by Tom Isley
The Timeless Design of the 911 by Dr. Ing. F. Porsche AG
Photos from the Optical Arts Show by Tom Isley

Volume 40 Issue 5, May 2013
The original 911 and the current 911
Photo by Dr. Ing. F. Porsche AG
New Porsche Based TV Show Coming to Speed by Pepper Girl at
The flat-six engine by Dr. Ing. F. Porsche AG

Volume 40 Issue 4, April 2013
1963, Porsche type 901
Photo by Dr. Ing. F. Porsche AG
"Good Curling" at BG Ice Arena by By Roger Holliday
The inception of the Porsche 911 by Dr. Ing. F. Porsche AG

Volume 40 Issue 3, March 2013
The 911
Photo by Porsche Cars North America
"The" Sports Car Celebrates a Special Anniversary by Porsche Cars North
Rally Results from the 40th weekend celebration

Volume 40 Issue 2, February 2013
Jeff Vollmar examines the new 911 Cabriolet
Photo by Michael Soriano
2013 North American International Auto Show by Jeff Vollmar. Pictures by Michael Soriano

Volume 40 Issue 1, January 2013
918 Spyder Prototype
Photo by Mohamad Almasri
The Porsche 918 Reviewed. A Hybrid Worth Having? Submitted by Mohamad Almasri with permission from Bob Rouleau

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