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by Bill Bauman, MVR Historian

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Historical Newsletters (May 1972 - December 1975)

March 12, 1972 First organizational meeting held to evaluate interest in forming a club
May, 1972 First MVR newsletter published
June 27, 1972 MVR became an officially chartered region of PCA
January, 1973 MVR became incorporated
1973 MVR selected as Region of the Year by PCA National
Agosti, Dennis Toledo, OH
Armstrong, Carl Toledo, OH
Bauman, William R. Toledo, OH
Boggs, Gary L. Sandusky, OH
Brumbaugh, Michael E. Archbold, OH
Carrington, John B. Toledo, OH
Coleman, Dallas W. Toledo, OH
Covert, William C. Monroe, MI
Enslen, Douglas L. Walbridge, OH
Foss, Charles W. Oak Harbor, OH
Friedebach, Hans Toledo, OH
Gavaghan, James M. Toledo, OH
Gibbs, G. Edward Toledo, OH
Haefner, Jean Monroe, MI
Hallett, Murray Toledo, OH
Herman, Charles A. Toledo, OH
Holliday, Roger Toledo, OH
Hopkins, Eddie L. Bowling Green, OH
Jenkins, Richard A. Port Clinton, OH
Kincaid, Daniel E. Toledo, OH
Kirkbride, John E. Toledo, OH
Kjoller, John J. Toledo, OH
Kruppa, Richard A. Bowling Green, OH
Kurtz, Thomas J. Toledo, OH
Lorenzen, Larry T. Toledo, OH
Mast, Daniel D. Genoa, OH
McIntyre, David L. Monroe, MI
Mekbel, Charles Sylvania, OH
Mesnard, Lynn C. Toledo, OH
Miller, William A. Toledo, OH
Nessif, Terrance Toledo, OH
Nowak, Lester C. Fremont, OH
Perry, Navarre T. Toledo, OH
Rawlins, James M. Toledo, OH
Reed, Don Toledo, OH
Rhodes, Paul R. Bowling Green, OH
Schneider, Robert W. Sylvania, OH
Segel, Marc Toledo, OH
Sheffer, Karl Fostoria, OH
Shinavar, Rene' E. Toledo, OH
Smith, Andy Toledo, OH
Straley, William C. Bowling Green, OH
Till, Peter Sylvania, OH
Tucker, Bruce M. Toledo, OH
Vetter, Ann Toledo, OH
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