MVR Social Concours, June 24, 2006. Hosted by the Browns
Page 1 - Photos by Tom Isley

( Page 2 - Photos by Jeanne Krauser)

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Boxster Pair Boxster Pair Tom, Millie, Tab Tom, Millie and Tab
Jack, Tom, Dan Jack, Tom and Dan Charlotte, John Charlotte and Bob
Deb, Laila, Sara Deb, Laila and Sara Suzanne, John Suzanne and John
Gulliford Turbo Gullifords' Turbo Sally and Larry Erd Sally and Larry Erd
Krauser 968
Krausers' 968
The Host Host Richard Brown Bellman 911 Bellmans' 911
Tab Tanner Tab - MVR Prez Chuck Vogelbacher Chuck Vogelbacher

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