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Porsche Club Activites
by Richard Brown

Learn more about our events...

Porsche Parade
The annual Porsche Parade is a weeklong gathering of people and Porsches from all over the world. It is held in a different location each year. Events include Concours, Rallying, Autocrossing, Technical Sessions, and more. Visit the Parade Archive to see past Parades.

An autocross is a closed-course driving event where the objective is to complete the course in a safe manner in the shortest amount of time possible (fastest overall speed). Some autocrosses are held using a large open area with the course marked by pylons. Some autocrosses are held on a closed-circuit road course. Click the link above for our online Autocross Tutorial!

Drivers Education
Our Region offers driver education programs that allow you to learn how to drive your Porsche in a variety of circumstances. Emphasis is placed on improving your safety skills as a driver as well as high performance driving.

PCA Club Racing
PCA Club Racing is an organized race series for Porsche owners. The rules are similar to vintage racing. See the Club Race Page for more information.

A rally can be competitive or for fun. The objective of a rally is to follow a course, usually on public roads, to the precise detail specified in the rules. Competitive rallies dictate a certain schedule for the checkpoints along the way. Points are deducted by arriving at the checkpoint either early or late. Fun rallies may include a gimmick (poker rally, regional interest). Part of the challenge with a fun rally is to discover the intended route, which may require other skills such as solving a puzzle or looking for obscure reference points.

Concours d'Elegance
A concours is a judged event where cars are prepared to "as delivered" condition. Points are deducted from a maximum possible value based on condition and cleanliness. Various concours rules are used depending on the level of competition. The annual Porsche Parade concours is the highlight of the concours schedule.

Technical Sessions
Like to work on your Porsche?  Join experienced fellow members and Technical Specialists for Technical Sessions addressing all manner of routine maintenance and upgrades to our favorite Automobile Marquee.

Just like it sounds, but consider what incredible roads we are blessed with here in Ohio and Michigan to run the tours.  Join your friends and their Porsches to chase each other over the hills, across the valleys, around the Great Lakes, eateries and picnic areas as we enjoy the twists, turns and sights only available as a string of beautiful Porsches wind through the landscape.

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